Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4 2009

so i didnt make a blog for yesterday!
yesterday was my first day of school!(:
and it wasnt that bad
it was really crowded with alot
of people there is too much people
in our school!-_-
it takes like and hour for me to
get to my locker because everybody is all
squished in the halls since
the school is a inside school
but it wasnt as bad as i expected
and i met some new people
so yeah:D
and today i got closer to the
person i met yesterdday
so hopefully we become better friends
hehehehe and
i thought there was going to be no
asian but there was alot
well there wasnt like alot alot
like walnut high school or
sunny hills but it had a couple
of asians so that was good (:
but the school is mostly populated with
mexicans and white and i'm fine with that:D
i didnt see any hot guys this past
two days but i guess i will see one
soon!(; hopefully....
so i hope next week will be better!!!
ahhhhhhhh i already have a freakin
project due the day after labor day!
so i have to work on that and i need
to go shopping for supplies!(:

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